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ServeNebraska Symposium:
“Celebration of Service”
Showcasing service through literary,
visual and performing arts

Held May 31, 2013 at the Center for People in need, Lincoln

Color Your Community with Service“Celebration of Service” provided AmeriCorps members an opportunity to reflect on service and create a lasting memory of their service year experience. Since creative projects drove the symposium event, participation also benefited an audience of peers who left the symposium impressed and inspired by their own service and the service to others.


Download the Program Brochure to read about and see Symposium projects pdf file

Cranestorm presentation display boardThe Symposium provided:

  • a forum for Nebraska AmeriCorps members – individually or in small groups - to showcase their service stories through creative projects inspired by service experiences
  • an opportunity for AmeriCorps members across the state to share their projects

  • presentations preparing AmeriCorps members for life after AmeriCorps
  • Building Your Personal Brand & Networking – April Kelly, Gratitude Academy
  • EducationQuest, AmeriCorps & Financial Aid – Treve Florom, EducationQuest
  • Joy-Full Living – Lorinda Brown, Eight to Great Trainer


Download Presentation Outlines

Getting Started:

Creating a symposium project started with service and reflecting on the meaning of service experienced throughout the year.  Americorps members selected a project theme from the list below:

  • Theme 1 – How my service made my life in Nebraska better
  • Theme 2 – How volunteers/students/clients created something special
  • Theme 3 – How service is changing me
  • Theme 4 – How service changes the way I/we see the world

    AmeriCorps members then created a project of their choice as an individual or with a group from the following categories. 

  • Service Stories (creative nonfiction)
  • Poetry
  • Service Inspired Fiction
  • Visual Arts (painting, poster, textiles)
  • Video