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ServeNebraska Handbook

Table of Contents

Section 1:

State Commission Overview

1.1  History of Nebraska State Commission
1.2  State Commission Mission and Values
1.3  Commission Strategic Plan 2011-2015
1.4  Governor’s Executive Order Creating the Nebraska State Commission
1.5  Commission ByLaws
1.6  Adoption of Host Agency DHHS Policies
1.7  Commission Host Support Agreement with DHHS
1.8  Commission Relationship with Nebraska Volunteer Foundation
1.9  Commission Organizational Chart

Section 2:

Roles and Responsibilities: Commission

2.1  Primary Role of the Commission – National Service
2.2  Secondary Role of the Commission – Service and Volunteerism
2.3  Commission Support to AmeriCorps and Other National Service
2.4  Principles of A Highly Effective Commission
2.5  The State Service Plan
2.6  The Corporation - Commission Partnership

Section 3:

Roles and Responsibilities: Commissioners

3.1  Corporation Guidance on State Commission Principles and Responsibilities
3.2  ServeNebraska Guidance on Commissioner Roles and Expectations
3.3  Commissioner Position Description
3.4  Commission Executive Committee
3.5  Commission Standing Committee Structure
3.6  Conflict of Interest
3.7  Commissioner Ambassador General ‘Talking Points’

Section 4:

Roles and Responsibilities: Staff

4.1  Executive Director Job Description
4.2  Fiscal/Operations Officer Job Description
4.3  Senior Program Officer Job Description
4.4  Training Program Officer Job Description
4.5  AmeriCorps/Disability Program Officer Job Description
4.6  Administrative Secretary Job Description

Section 5:

The National View: History and Structure of National Service

5.1  History of National Service in the U.S.
5.2  Summary of National Service History
5.3  CNCS Strategic Plan Goals, Mission and Values
5.4  CNCS Organizational Structure
     5.4.1.  CNCS Executive Organizational Chart
5.5  National Service Relationship Charts

Section 6:

AmeriCorps Program

6.1  AmeriCorps Fact Sheet
6.2  AmeriCorps Service and Benefits Overview
6.3  AmeriCorps and National Service in Nebraska
6.4  AmeriCorps Member Pledge
6.5. ServeNebraska InterCorps Council

Section 7:

Training Program

7.1  Training & Professional Development Overview
7.2  Training Plan
7.3  Fee-for-Service Training
7.4  Let’s Build Nebraska – New Online Resource Website
7.5  Let’s Build Summary

Section 8:

Disability Program

8.1  Disability Inclusion Overview
8.2  Disability Special Projects

Section 9:

Awards Program and Days of Service

9.1  ServeNebraska Awards Recognition Programs
9.2  National Days of Service
9.3  Global Youth Service Day Grants and Service Projects
9.4  9/11 Day of Service and Remembrance

Section 10:

Commission Policies and Procedures

10.1  Commission Travel and Expense Reimbursement Procedures
10.2  Commission Internal Administrative and Financial Policies and Procedures
10.3  Open Meetings Law

Section 11:

National Service - Senior Corps, VISTA, Learn-Serve, NCCC

11.1  Nebraska National Service State Profile
11.2  Nebraska National Service Impact
11.3  Nebraska Contacts for National Service
11.4  National Service – Transforming Lives
11.5  National Service – A Resource for Governors
11.6  Senior Corps Overview
11.7  Senior Corps Fact Sheet
11.8  VISTA Fact Sheet
11.9  NCCC (National Civilian Conservation Corps) Overview
11.10  NCCC in Nebraska
11.11  Learn & Serve Overview
11.12  Learn & Serve – Higher Education
11.13  Learn & Serve Fact Sheet

Section 12:


12.1  National Service Terms and Acronyms
12.2  Accessing National Service Resources
12.3  Contact List of Nebraskans in Congress
12.4  State Commissioner Online Orientation

Section 13:


13.1  Commissioner and Staff Directory

Section 14:

Commission Calendar and Meetings

14.1  Commission Meeting Dates